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Michael Dubber Engraving Studio  
Evansville, IN 
Studio (812) 867-3039 - Cell (812) 454-0271

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Mike Dubber is accepting students for intermediate and advanced classes at his studio in Evansville, Indiana. Students may request specific instructional curriculums or a general course of study can be tailored after submitting a description of the skill areas desired. Students receive one-on-one instruction with a variety of air assisted tools and video enhancement as well as basic hammer and chisel work. Instruction can be designed with emphasis on firearms or jewelry skills.

Flights arrive at Evansville Regional Airport (EVV) and transportation is provided from the airport to the Marriott - with daily pickup and return available if needed.

Available for private instruction.  Please inquire. 


Basic Engraving: A course designed for beginners - a quick-start curriculum that includes the use of air-assisted engraving tools, graver geometry, and basic engraving techniques.


Intermediate Engraving: A course designed for students who have had basic engraving or equivalent experience, who are familiar with engraving equipment and graver geometry, and who want to further develop skills for scroll layout and design, lettering, and advanced engraving techniques.

Metal Inlay Methods and Techniques: A course of study in inlaying precious metals in steel. Students complete exercises including various methods of straight line, curved line, inlaid figures and florals, and flush and raised inlays in gold and silver.

Engraving the Colt SAA: Students study the historical contexts of engraving the Colt SAA. The course objective is to create a complete steel Master Plate for a SAA using their choice of Colt Expert Level engraving patterns. Pistol Smith Brian Cosby will be joining us one day for some special instruction on Colt SAA gunsmithing, preparation and lock timing.

Jewelry Engraving and Lettering: A course of study designed for jewelers and others who have basic bench experience and want to develop skill for engraving letters, monograms, and decorative scrolls on jewelry subjects like rings, bracelets, pendants, silverware, cups and trophies.

Bulino, Fine Line and Sculpted Techniques: A course of study of the advanced skills of bulino, fine-line and sculpted engraving techniques.

Private Instruction: Private one-on-one instruction on any engraving subject or series of subjects can be arranged to fit the studentís personal schedule, $ 350 per day.



The  above listed classes  are representative  of the range of available instruction.
All courses of study are designed to  individual needs and objectives after initial

One-on-one instruction on any engraving discipline or  combination of disciplines
can be arranged to fit the student's personal schedule.


Two (2) days minimum - Five (5) days maximum

$350 per day


Michael is a Certified FEGA Professional Engraver and a Colt Approved Master Engraver. He is past President of the Firearms Engravers Guild of America and has worked and studied with Winston Churchill, Ron Smith and Phil Grifnee. He received the FEGA James B. Meek Award in 1998 for the "Lifetime Contributions to the Art of Engraving". Michael has created firearms or jewelry engraving for such notable individuals as Norman Schwarskopf, Juan Carlos King of Spain, Pope John Paul II and Bo Derek and he has engraved industry guns for Colt, Holland and Holland and Purdey. He also created the "Show Guns" for the Colt Collectors Association in 2003 and 2006. He has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and has taught engraving classes at Trinidad State Jr. College in Trinidad, Colorado and at Glendo Corporation in Emporia, Kansas.